Digital Strategies (what and how we do?)

Lantana designs and develops digital strategies. In the field of strategic management, of marketing and business strategies, digital strategies are the processes of definition and implementation of vision, goals, opportunities and initiatives aimed to maximize the benefits to the business of technologies and channels of digital promotion and sale. 

In practice, this vision is realized in very different activities, some focused on organizational and management issues, others sales-oriented, and others dedicated to marketing and communication.

Digital Strategies

Websites, E-commerce, Mobile, Social Networks

Search Engines & Advertising, Web Marketing, Social Web Marketing, Keywords Advertising

Marketing, Branding, Communication

Graphics, Design, Photography, Video

Customer relationship

Digital Resource Management

Technical Support


IT Consulting

♣ Corporate Technological Architectures

Lantana relies on its skills and on the flexibility of its structure to provide a tailored, effective and efficient service in all the disciplines involved in digital strategies. That is why Lantana can work as a full partner in the management of all aspects, by performing a preliminary analysis, designing a strategy, creating the necessary tools and monitoring the results.

We can then follow the whole digital activity of a company, or take charge of a specific project, constantly providing our expertise, our tools and our network to reach the goal in the quickest and most efficient way.

We have indeed developed a wide network of reliable quality resources, used in a fluid and flexible way (we like to call it "liquid"), coordinated and enhanced by the maintenance of key skills and planning at central level.

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